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  • Refuse War – Go AWOL


    Support GI Resisters! While not great legal advice, it’s still a great alternative to fighting and dying for empire.

  • I (Heart) Abortion


    “I (Heart) Abortion, No Apologies” — An open war on women’s reproductive rights has been declared. Stand up and fight back!

  • endless war

    End(less) War


    For this living in the United States, we’ve grown accustomed to endless war waged in our name. It’s past time to end war.

  • fuck trump shirt

    Fuck Trump (Bold)


    Sometimes expressing your anger and frustration is good enough. A bold and simple statement, “Fuck Trump.” A family recently visited the Trump Tower in NYC, all wearing similar shirts!

  • Antifa – Anti Fascist Organization


    Antiifa are autonomous, militant anti-fascists. This logo of “Antifaschistische Aktion” is from the 1930s network in Germany that inspired today’s movement.

  • Anarcho Circle A (clean)


    The circle-A is the best-known symbol for anarchy. It is a monogram that consists of the capital letter “A” surrounded by the capital letter “O”. The letter “A” is derived from the first letter of “anarchy”, while the “O” stands for order. Together they stand for “society seeks order in anarchy”, a phrase written by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in 1840.

  • Anarcho Star


    The colors black and red have been used by anarchists since at least the late 1800s … Diagonally divided red and black flags were popularized during the Spanish Civil War by the anarcho-syndicalist labor union CNT and are used to this day by anarchist organizations. (Wikipedia)

  • stop the war - not in our name

    Stop the War


    “Stop the War, Not in Our Name” These days, does it even matter which war we’re talking about?

  • Free Chelsea Manning (circle logo)


    Chelsea Manning is currently jailed for resisting the WikiLeaks grand jury that the Trump Administration aims to use to criminalize journalism.